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Events & Activities

S.No Type of Programme (Workshop / Guest Lecture / Seminar / Conference) Program Title Dates & Resource Person Program details
1 Seminar ”Recent Developments in fiber communication and its Applications in Telecommunication” 10-08-2016 , Prof. Srinivas Acharya This Seminar gives an overview of fiber optic communication systems including their key technologies
2 Seminar Seminar on Writing Scientific Paper 27-06-2015 Dr. Nasimhlu To acquaint the structure of scientific papers, the techniques for presenting clear logical arguments and the skills needed to write and edit concise, emphatic sentences with examples.
3 Workshop Workshop on VHDL 30-11-2014 1. P.V Kiran Kumar, Sr. Engineer,
2. K.Dasharath, Senior application Engineer).
3. S.Ramesh,  Sr. Engineer)
To gain valuable hands-on experience and to write efficient hardware designs and perform high-level HDL simulations.
4 Workshop A two day Workshop on Embedded C Programming for Embedded Systems. 2nd & 3rd September 2013 Mr. Naveen, Project Engineer, Prayog Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Kiran, Sr. Engineer, Prayog Labs Pvt. Ltd.
To gain hand-on experience in writing embedded ‘C’ programs.
5 Guest Lecture “Nanotechnology towards Smart Materials” 6th August, 2013 Dr. Sunkra V Manorama, Senior Principal Scientist CSIR-IICT, Tarnaka, Hyd To enrich students with the latest updates of the Industry and technicalities in the area of nano materials.
6 Seminar Principles Of Quantum Mechanics- a Perspective Approach 23rd  November, 2013
Dr. M. Sreenath Reddy
Assistant Professor, Nizam College
Focused on Heisenberg‘s Uncertainty Principles, De Broglie hypothesis, phase velocity & Group velocity. Explained about Schrodinger wave time independent and dependent wave equations, Eigen functions Potential step, potential barriers and its applications
7 JSR Josephite’s Social Responsibility Mr. M.L.N.Rao, Mr. R. Ashok Kumar & Mr.S.Srikanth, 18-02-2017 Department of Physics & Electronics organized a one day visit to AIM FOR SEVA Orphanage at Old Alwal and Bala Sadan Girls Orphanage at Old Alwal, Secunderabad  by B. Sc (MPCs, MECs & NHAEM) III Year  students under JSR activity on 18 Feb 2017.
8 International Guest Lecture International Guest Lecture Prof: M. Ishaq Khan, 22nd January, 2016 Prof. M.ISHAQUE KHAN, Chairman, Department of Chemistry & Director, Materials Chemistry Program, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago delivered excellent Lecture on “NANO SCIENCE AND NANO TECHNOLOGY’.

Field Visits

S.No Place of Visit Date Target Group Purpose
1 Technique Design Group
(An embedded systems development company)
14-11-2017 B.Sc (MECs) III Year To gain the knowledge in embedded systems development
2 TV5 Studio, Jubilee hills, Hyderabad 15-02-2017 B.Sc(MECs) – II Year Students To know about communication system in television.
Raj Bhavan Road, SomajiGuda, Hyderabad.
13-12-2013 B.Sc(MECs) &B.Sc (NHAEM) SECOND AND THIRD YEARS Communication for societal Development
4 IICT, Uppal Road, Hyderabad 25-07- 2012 II/III Sem (Phy & Elec),III (Phy) students Differential use of interventive strategies and techniques by the research
5 CCMB, Uppal Road, Hyderabad NGRI, Uppal Road, Hyderabad 28.09.12 I/I Sem (Phy & Elec) Students of B.Sc visited these places on the Eve of OPEN DAY observed by these research institutes