Entrepreneurship and related outcomes like MSMEs have contributed 40% towards the country’s GDP.It is also a fact that entrepreneurial activity has the credit of being the second largest employment generator. The college is conscious about the dwindling placement opportunities due to financial meltdown and has established a full fledged Entrepreneurship Development Cell which addresses all the needs of students to become dynamic entrepreneurs.

The College is a member of the prestigious international organization, National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). It has an online portal nenonline.com which has all the support materials, angel investors, guidance and counseling facilities etc., NEN has trained faculty to become entrepreneurship mentors/coordinators.

The cell addresses the Professional needs of students helping them to become dynamic entrepreneurs. The Cell conducts various awareness programmes, like Seminars/Workshops/Interaction with young Entrepreneurs etc. These programmes will be aimed at making the student community more enthusiastic towards entrepreneurial activity. The Advisory board for the cell comprises members from industry, financial institutions, R & D, Government institutions etc.,The board will guide and advise the cell in organising various activities.


Objectives of Cell
  • Sensitize students on entrepreneurship.
  • Conduct awareness programmers’ in house and other institutes
  • Enhancing industry institute interaction through guest lectures and industry visits
  • Conduct programmers’ on idea generation & business plan preparation and skill development


 ED Cell Activities Report.pdf


International Guest Lecture by Mr. Michael Hubbard from South Africa

To equip the students with entrepreneurship skills, Entrepreneurship Development Cell organized a guest lecture on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ for the registered students on 12th August 2015.The resource person was Mr. Michael Hubbard ,23 years old from Cape town, South Africa, a Tech Entrepreneur, web developer and business analyst. He is the founder and CEO of “Laine”, a web development company which focuses on web-based software and also develops mobile and desktop solutions. He has worked with clients in various industries including manufacturing, services and medicine. His latest projects have focused on Medical IT, specifically designing and developing solutions to aid researchers conducting clinical trials capture, manage and analyze their data. He was also Vice President Communications at AIESEC University of Cape Town, focusing on public relations and marketing campaigns during 2013-14. He was a Team Leader at “Africa in Me” which is a global branding campaign for AIESEC in Africa to promote internships in the Africa region during 2012-13. It was co-developed by Mr. Michael at the AIESEC African regional summit in Mozambique. He was an international community development intern, worked as an international Exchange Participant with Courtesy Foundation in Hyderabad, India, through AIESEC where he spent 2 months from December 2011 to January 2012, living with 55 young children in an orphanage in Hyderabad, India. He also has honors and rewards to his credit. He was finalist at International Telecommunication Union, Open innovation Competition in 2011 and was invited to Geneva to present his idea. He was also winner of “Indiafrica Young Visionary Fellowship award” in 2012 for the best health care project in Africa. He works with a development team in India and clients around the globe, always available for projects.

He spoke about the qualities to become a successful entrepreneur. He said that “only you are responsible for what you don’t know.”Risk is always there in business and if there is no risk then there are no profits. Ups and downs are essential and if there is upside there is always a downside to it and we need to protect the downside. Failure is a difficult decision so to avoid failure take right decision at right time. He said that money is a tool so to make money you need money and hence money should be dealt practically. To start a business, have initial source of investment and then start working on it. He spoke about ‘Tough Love’, Friendship and Business are two separate things and one must be careful while employing friends. He said that be good at work to convince the clients and presentation matters the most. An entrepreneur should be able to lead his team by interacting with the team members in case of any disputes to avoid failure in business. An entrepreneur should be ready to face when he is wrong, argue the facts and explain why you feel that you are right. He said that there is a need for evolution as market is changing and there’s always more than you expected so mentally and financially find solutions to survive. He addressed the students to be the best, passionate about work, act confidently and being an entrepreneur teaches one to be happy and also to learn from the experiences. The session was a real eye opener and had a good impact on the students.

International Guest Lecture by Mr. Michael Hubbard

Bhoj - e - Jashn (Food Festival)

Entrepreneurship Development Cell for the first time organized Food Festival on 20th January 2016.The festival was titled as “Bhoj-e-Jashn” and was organized with a motive to explore Entrepreneurial skills like planning, marketing and managing business among the students .The festival was inaugurated by Principal Rev.Fr.Vincent Arokiadas at 12.00 noon, along with Director, Dr.Bharathi, ED Cell Convenor , Mrs.J.N.P.P. Anantha Lakshmi and Co-ordinators, Mrs.Savitha, Mrs.Sunitha and Mrs.Sangeetha Thakur.

Mr.Shaik Ahmed of B.Com II year highlighted the importance of Entrepreneurship and the need for developing Entrepreneurship skills in the business. Participants have put up 18 stalls with different varieties of food and one entertainment game stall. The participants have made good sales and there was overwhelming response from both students and faculty. The festival has given a practical experience to the students which will help them in developing their skills and talent. Feed back was also collected from the participants and ED Cell members.

Inauguration of Bhoj - e - Jashn by Principal   Students & Staff enjoying the Festival  

International Guest Lecture by Dr. M. Krishna Erramili from USA

Entrepreneurship Development Cell organized a guest lecture for the registered students on 22nd January 2016.The resource person was Dr. Krishna Erramili, Associate Dean, and Professor of Marketing at the Stuart School of Business, Chicago, USA. He said that there is great demand for commerce stream and explained about the importance of Business Models with illustrations. He mentioned about the dynamic leadership of Mr. Steve Jobs and how the Apple Company has become a market leader in introducing innovative products such as I-Pad, I-Phone, Tablet etc. He explained about rural marketing where ‘Go rural’ is the marketer’s new slogan. Indian marketers as well as multina¬tionals, such as Godrej and Hindustan Lever etc have focused on rural markets. He also mentioned about “Chotukool”, a tiny refrigerator launched by Godrej where Small shop keepers in rural areas who cannot afford regular fridges can be much benefitted. Dr. Krishna informed students about B-Schools in Chicago and also gave them tips to pursue studies in abroad.

International Guest Lecture by Dr. Krishna Erramili  

Food N Fun ((Food Festival)

As part of Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Department of Business management organized food festival on 4th February 2016 at extended campus. The festival was titled as” Food N Fun” and was inaugurated by Mrs. A. Mary. Francina , Head, Department of Business Management at 11.30 am in extended campus along with ED-Cell Convener, Mrs. J.N.P.P. Anantha Lakshmi, coordinators and student volunteers.

There were 6 stalls creatively exhibited with different varieties of food. Students were asked to create innovative ideas to market and sell their products. The stalls performed exceedingly well and the participants were asked to make a report on the sales and income and expenditure account of the stalls. The festival offered an opportunity to the students to learn team work, leadership, planning with overall management skills. The students under the guidance of ED Cell Coordinators successfully planned and organized the food festival. Principal, Rev.Fr.Vincent Arokiadas, congratulated the coordinators for the success of the event.

Industrial Visit to Thrive Solar Energy Private Limited

Entrepreneurship Development Cell of the College organized an Industrial visit on 4 March 2016 to Thrive Solar Energy Private Limited, located at Cherlapally, Hyderabad.80 students of ED Cell accompanied by faculty members Mrs. Anantha Lakshmi and Mrs. Sangeetha Thakur visited the company. It is an independent Renewable Energy Solutions & Technology provider focusing primarily on the Solar Photovoltaic Applications and has built a significant track record in implementing Solar Projects world-wide. The company has been one of the pioneers in the world to take a hands on approach in reaching to the most deprived sections of the population with an innovative, reliable and affordable clean lighting solution.

Thrive Solar evolved from the technology innovations of the NGO- THRIVE founded in 2001 by Dr.Ranganayakulu Bodavala, a Harvard alumnus and public health management specialist. In the absence of a committed manufacturing partner for its innovative rural lighting efforts, THRIVE started its own solar technology division. In 2007, Thrive Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (TET) was born, and later renamed as Thrive Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. in 2013. Thrive Solar specializes in solid state lighting (LED based) products and solar based power systems that help provide clean lighting, reduce carbon emissions and assure higher levels of productivity in rural and urban vocations. It has developed a range of innovative lighting products that help not only communities living in small rural/forest households with no electricity supply but also large urban institutions that consume megawatts of electricity.

The visit was aimed to explore the solar energy technology, need, conservation and exposure to production of solar energy. The students had an opportunity to know about the process of production of solar energy and how the solar panels absorb the sun rays for generating electricity. They also learnt how to assemble semi-finished goods into products emitting light. The exciting thing about the visit was students were awarded with certificates and also solar lamps as a compliment.

Principal Addressing the students   Thrive Solar Energy   Solar Car   Assembling semi finished goods to finished product

Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship and its Scope

Entrepreneurship Development Cell organized a guest lecture on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ for the registered students on 9th March 2016.The resource person was Mr.Varun Pawar, India Associate-Strategy and Partnerships at Village Capital, U.S based company. The objectives of the Guest Lecture is to enable the students know the opportunities available in the field of Entrepreneurship in today’s world, market trends and support provided by the government.

Mr.Varun Pawar spoke about the elements to achieve success in the field of entrepreneurship. He laid emphasis on acquiring equity from FFF- friends, fools, families, Angels- rich people, VC- Venture Capital and PE- Private Equity. He mentioned about various case studies on entrepreneurship and gave an instance of how Apple Company attained great heights from a small idea. He concluded by saying that not to consider any idea as small and one day that idea can bring success. He tried to instill passion among the students to initiate entrepreneurship.

Guest Lecture by Mr.Varun Pawar  




Name of the Workshop



Training program for BBA,B.Com and BSC in Collaboration with NSIC, Hyderabad.






  • Mr. K. Mohan Rao, director, KVIC, enlightened the MBA II year students on different schemes offered by Government of India through KVIC to encourage budding entrepreneurs.
  • A workshop was arranged on “The awareness on entrepreneurship development” incollaboration with MSME (micro small andmedium enterprise) on 19th August 2011 for MBA students. Thespeaker of the day was Mr. Leela Krishna, Assistant Director, IMT, MSME.
  • Mr. Dakshina Murthy, the soft skills trainer of KPO Solutions and a member of NSIC conducted a workshop on 1st December 2011 along with his team on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ for the MBA students. Ms. Vani. H, Asst Manager NSIC, Mr. Kabir, Coordinator EDP NSIC, Mr. Mustaq, program-in-charge EDP NSIC was also present. The resource person of the day Mr. Dakshina Murthy spoke about the importance of being an entrepreneur. He conducted many mind blogging games, which not only kept the students lively till the end of the session but was also a great learning experience.


Mr.Manesh Khanna speaking to the students about business opportunity

A company named Avon –The Company for Women and its representatives Mr. Manesh Khanna - Regional Manager, Mr. Rohit Handa – logistics Manger along with their team i.e. Mrs. Swapna & Mrs. Sudha visited the College and interacted with the students of B.Com & B.Sc regarding Business opportunity available for the students in cosmetic industry on 1st Feb 2011.