The Department of Mass Communication was started on 27th July, 2011 with the approval of Osmania University. The
Department is offering BA Mass Communication and Journalism course. This programme enables the incoming students on mastering the tools of the digital-media technologies.
The Department has a well equipped audio-visual studio. The audio recording studio consists of non-linear recording facility with Pro
Tools 9Le. The Television studio has the latest technologies for online production. The computer lab consists of
iMac5 computers.



To empower the students to meet the challenges of the global media market.


  • To introduce the students to all areas that encompass the fields of communication.
  • To enhance and adapt their writing skills to suit the demands of various of media.
  • To make the students proficient in different multimedia software.
  • To build in the students a strong foundation for theoritical concepts.
  • To build soft skills to tap into the markets requirements for on-screeen talent.



The exceptional design of the course is matchless in the twin cities., with a unique combination of a deep-rooted theoritical curriculum and a 'hands-on' practical exposure to modern multimedia technologies.



    Club Activities: Department have three active clubs which started to develop interest for extra curricular activities among students and to encourage their creative talents.

    Competitions: Department of Mass Communication & Journalism conducts photography and anchoring competitions for developing a competitive mentality among students and to encourage their talents.
    Media Festival: Department conducts annual national media festival “CinEvolution” for providing an innovative platform for the budding film makers across the nation. Through organizing such national events the students are getting an opportunity to learn event organizing skills as well as they get a chance to meet up and learn from eminent media personalities.
    Personal Counseling: Department always tries to give extra care to the students by giving advice on social or personal problems and difficulties.
    Parents Teachers Meeting: Department makes it sure that we meet the parents of all students in every semesters to discuss about their over all performance during the semester.
    Personal Attention to the students: Mass Communication & Journalism is a course which needs creative talent and professional attitude. Department assures extra consideration for the students who find difficulties in learning theory subjects as well as practical works
    Internships & Placement facilities: With the personal and profession contacts of the staff in the department, we tries to extend our hands to the students in getting internships and placements in reputed media organizations like The Hindu, The New Indian Express, Times of India, Metro India, Hans India Zee Telugu, CVR, N Studio, V6, Shubhavarta, HMTV, Arka Media, Eenadu etc.
    Extra training in Computer softwares: To prevail in the media industry, the students should excel in all the aspects of mass communication. Good command over all necessary softwares is highly necessary. For meeting this demand of the industry, the department gives the students the opportunities to learn the professional softwares like Pro Tools, FCP, Photoshop, Quark Express, Motion4, Sound Track Pro, Premiere Pro etc.
    Usage of multimedia for teaching: All the subjects including theories and practical works are taught with the assistance and aid of multimedia like Power Point Presentations, Video lectures, Audio-Video labs etc. 
    Extending support to other departments in the college: To retain harmonious relationships with other departments as well as to help them in documentation, the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism do the media coverage of all the activities of the college through taking photographs, video documentation and media relations.
    Photography course of 20 hours. The complete practical oriented course offering by the adept professional in theCertificate course: For dispensing an opportunity for the students who are passionate about Photography, the department offers a Professional P field helps the students to learn photography in a professional way.
    Lab Journal “Josepheights”: The students ofDepartment of Mass Communication & Journalism with the guidance of staff, publishes a lab journal “Josepheights” in every semester which reflects socio-political and life style related articles.




S.No Name Qualification Designation Experience Specialization
1 Fr. Kingston Licentiate HOD, Associate  Professor 8 Television And Film Production
2 Prof. P.L.Visweshwar Rao Ph.D. Professor 41 Media Management,  Devcom, PR, Journalism, Mass Media Research
3 Mr. D. Nagarjuna MA-Print Technology Professor 36 Print Production, Reporting and Editing, Newspaper Design
4 Shiva Ganesh MA Communication Assistant Professor 3 Television Production, Film Making, Introduction to Journalism, Media Laws and Ethics
5 Shiva Thrishul MA Communication Assistant Professor 1 Media and cultural studies, New Media Technologies and Media Research
6 Vivek Keshav MA Communication Assistant Professor 3 Public Relations, Reporting and Editing, Communication Research and History of Media
7 Aparna Rastogi MA Journalism and  Mass Communication Assistant Professor 3 Digital Audio Production, Radio and Television Production
8 Dr Payal Das Ph. D in Communication Assistant Professor 5 New Media & Branding, Media Culture Society, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Gender studies and Development Communication.



  • All faculties of department of Mass Communication participated in one day faculty development program conducted by
    Dr. Deepika Gardner on 18.11.2013. It was a program for building motivation and effective management of communication
  • On 19th December 2014 three faculties of Dept. Mass  Communication presented paper s on the national seminar
    organized by Dept. of Commerce, St. Joseph’s Degree and PG College.  The themes of the papers are as follows
  • Market Driven Media- Dr. Ambika Sankar Mishra
    Critical analysis of dimension of cross cultural communication in business management. Mrs. Tapaswini Swain
    Face book as a social marketing tool: Mr. Krishank Manne
  • Dr. Ambika Sankar Mishra presented a paper on History of press in Odisha in a three days national seminar at Vivekananda institute of professional studies, Newdelhi .
  •  Dr. Ambika Sankar Mishra presented a paper on “Media and Social responsibility:  A critical study of the views of working journalists of Odisha” in a three days international seminar at Visva Bharati University Shantiniketan.
  • “History of Radio in Odisha: It has been an eventful Journey from Cuttack”  A paper by Dr. Ambika Sankar Mishra got
    published in the Vidura a refered Journal  for Mass Communication by  Press Institute of India.
  • Dr. Ambika Sankar Mishra presented a paper the theme  Portrayal Of Women :In Television Commercials: A Perceptual
    Analysis Of Working Women In Hyderabad “ in a two days national seminar organized by Maharaja Sayaji Rao University
    on 26th and 27th March 2014.
  • Mass Communication HoD Fr. Kingston attended the academic council meeting of St. Ann College as a member of the
    board of studies.




Fr. J. Kingston (HoD)


  • Academic Council Member for St. Ann’s B.Ed College.
  • Resource Person and Consultant for Advanced Training Institute for Electronics and Process Instrumentation , Ramanthapur, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 013 (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Conducted a seminar on ‘Media Education’ in Narsaraopeta , Hyderabad and Trichy.
  • Conducted a seminar on ‘Media’s influence on youth’ in Hyderabad.
  • Conducted a seminar on ‘An efficient organizational life’ and ‘ Corporate Communication ‘ in Hyderabad.
  • Released eleven devotional audio albums in various languages like Hindi, English, Telugu and Tamil.
  • Produced many documentary films such as Extending Life, One Mission One Vision etc.
  • Worked on board for Television Broadcasting unit of RTE1 ( Television channel in Ireland).

Paper presentations/Paper publications by faculty

From the Assistant professor, Gowtham.U, presented a documentary, Bread Butter and Garbage in two film festivals. The documentary got a good response from the organizers and other participants at both the festivals.

Jeevika: Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival , in Delhi., Film festival organized by (

A seminar paper on "Inclusive and sustainable development in rural India" was presented by Assistant Professor, Deepak Pawar at the a national seminar organized by the Department of Sociology, Osmania University.


GEMINI MUSIC TV SHOOTING ‘Uva’ Program – Dussera Special

Name of the Activity : Certificate Course in Numerical Ability
Date: 1st October, 2016
Venue : College Premises

On 1st October ‘Gemini Music’, one of the leading Telugu music channels shot a program under their banner “UVA”, a youth based show where the young generation can showcase their talents like singing, dancing, play musical instruments, debates on social issues.

Being the first day of the auspicious ‘Navaratri’ it was only apt to shoot and later telecast a special program titled “Campus Dussera.”

Around 10 girl students from the BSc stream participated. The program was shot in and around the college. It was marked with pomp and gaiety, with all the girls looking resplendent in their traditional & ethnic wear.

Reporting: What is not taught in the class By K. Srinivas Reddy, Editor-Telangana Today

Guest Lecture on Public Relations on 26-09-2016

Mr. Srinivas Reddy, an eminent Journalist in the field of Telugu Journalism, had delivered wonderful lecture to the students on the method of writing and reporting to the Newspaper. He stressed on three important topics which are (1) Information collection. (2) Writing and (3) Desk. He told the students to collect the information from people who’s suffering and told them to be sympathetic to them when you approach them to get the information. One must be very careful while covering issues on communal clashes. ‘The method of collecting information while covering the Naxalite related issues must be dealt in a very subtle manner’- he says. Tackling the people during crisis is a very important point one must remember as a journalist. Questions must be asked in a very precise and must be very sharp.

Regarding the writing part, he says to stick to deadline. He is one of those journalists who is very particular about deadlines. He says the students to be very clear on what they write and emphasizes the need to deal with stress. He asked the students to do a magic with the verbs and words. Relating to the Desk work, he told the students to finish a news item with 250 words of attraction with a crispy headline. Sub-heading is a very important point that must be placed. The need of right color, font size, design must be kept in mind while designing the news item. He also spoke about the newsroom structure and organizational structure


Guest Lecture on PR and Corporate Communication on 01-09-2016

Michael Fredrick is an ardent professional in the field of public relations. He was also the recipient of the best PR manager award instituted by Dr.C.V.Narasimha Reddy in the year 2011. He also received eight times the general manager award for the best PR from various GMs during his career in south central railway. He recently retired as a senior public relations officer, Vijayawada division of south central railway. He is a PR consultant and is associated with a PR agency.

He spoke extensively how corporate communication can enhance the image and reputation of an organization. He said the PR manager acts as an information provider and reputation manager. He laid more stress on the crisis management and noted that in any crisis situation the PR department and corporate communication should put the public first and take the responsibility. He also said that a perfect PR manager must not say ‘no comment’ at any situation. He emphasized the need of using the modern tools of communication like the new social media for quick updates and response

Development and Rural Communication FIELD VISIT TO Deccan Development Society, Pastapur, Zaheerabad on 20TH August 2016

The field visit was conducted for MA II Mass Communication on 20th August 2016, the students were present at the DDS Pastapur office by 10:30 AM. Mr. Gowtham, faculty of Mass Communication and journalism co-ordinated the field visit.

The students were introduced about the organization by Ms.Tejasvi D, CoOrdinator/Documentation of DDS. Throughout the presentation, Ms.Tejasvi showcased the glipms of DDS by presenting various videos and images along with oral presentation.

After the formal presentation the students went to the farm of DDS and obversed the techniques of PERMACULTURE way of farming and also exposed to the preparation Bio-fertilizers, Kistanna the in charge explained about various farming techniques. After the farm the students went to the Millet Godown and packaging unit of DDS . Students had there lunch from Café Ethnic, the restaurant owned and managed by DDS.

After the lunch the students visited Community Media Trust, where the students got exposed to the workspace of video women, where women transfer the raw footages to the edit suit, and the editing will be done. All the Community Media Trust Videos were shot by the video women themselves. Mollamma and Lakshmamma the incharges of Community Media Trust explained about it to the students.


The field visit was conducted for BA I Mass Communication on 28th July 2016, all the students were present at the radio city office by 12:00 AM. Radio city 90.01 FM which is a reputed radio broadcasting channel is one of the first private radio station in India. Radio City is owned by Jagran group Ltd, the station is located in many cities in India. Mr. Gowtham and Mr. Sai Krishna the faculty of mass communication department coordinated the field visit.

All the students are explained about the production flow of the radio station, RJ Shiv one of the famous and award winning Radio Jockey with over 10 years experience, explained the students about the radio city programming strategy. Rj Shiv discussed about important aspects of the station like formats, commercials, RCS software, technical requirements etc to the students. One of the important aspects of the radio station is the RCS software, he also explained about how various sound elements are mixed and queud.

The students are shown live programming by RJ Shiv and also about the mixing. Rj shiv shared about his 10 years experiences in Radio city, and also gave some valuable tips for the aspiring RJ’s and other people who are interested in working in radio stations. The students showed their gratitude towards the college and department for this wonderful fieldtrip.


Guest Lecture on Public Relations on 15-07-2016

The Department of Communication organized a Guest Lecture on Public Relations with the titles, “State of the Art Public Relations in India: Problems and Prospects”. The lecture was held at Cellar in St. Joseph’s Degree and PG College.

Dr.Reddi started the lecture by quoting the three revolutions by Alvin Toffler namely Agricultural, Industrial and the present day Information Revolution. He mentioned how Marshall McLuhan coined the term “Global village” in the wake of liberalization, privatization and Globalization (LPG).

The students understood the concepts like state of the art public relations, PR as a strategic talk management function and the duties and responsibilities of a PR manager and also in detail the public relations process. The students posed questions at the end of the sessions. The most striking question was, ‘if the product is not good but still the public relations department is asked to promote it. In this case what is the role of the PRO?’ To which the Resource person is asking ‘you cannot carve rotten wood’. The PR department and the PRO should carryout enough research and bring the feedback in his role as an antenna and submit the same to the top management so that the promotion and production of the substandard product is stalled.

Marc Antony’s Speech

Name of the Activity : Rhetorical Skill Practical
Nature of the Activity: Student Centric
Incharge/Coordinator: Ms.Sara Koshy
Date: 7th July onwards
Venue :Mass Communication Studio
Resource Person & Organization: Ms.Sara Koshy
Target Group: BA III
No. of Participants:56
Objective:To help the students develop good oratory skills and apt body language
About the Activity (few lines): The students are expected to give the Marc Antony’s speech complete with oratory, body language and expressions as part of their Anchoring practical.


The Department of Mass Communication & Journalism started Campus Radio of the academic year 2015-2016 on 26th June, 2015. Ms. Sara and Mrs. Laasya, faculty of Mass Communication Department are the coordinators of the campus radio. The first radio show was done by the students of B.A. II yr on the theme of ‘Back to College’. Students coordinators Bob Christo (B.A. IIyear) and Anuritha Das (B.A. III year) organized radio shows thrice a week. For the Campus Radio, “UR Radio”, two days basic radio class was organized by Mass Communication department for the participants interested from other departments of the college. The radio programs are done by the students of the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism and also students from the other departments. The campus radio station is operated for the purpose of training the students into professional radio personnel.

The programs are based on the college happenings, daily news and also entertainment programs like musical programs, radio dramas, stand up comedies and interviews. Broadcasting happens thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) usually for 10 to 15 minutes between 11.10 to 11.35 am.

‘Looking through Gendered lens – Gender Sensitivity through Media” By Ms. Sumathi Nagesh

Lecture – Interdepartmental Activity ON 23-06-2016

The second year MA Mass Communication and Journalism students had an Extension lecture on 23-06-2016. Ms Sumathi Nagesh who is the Visiting professor for the Department of English is the resource person, she delivered a lecture titled “Looking through gendered lens- Gender Sensitivity through media"

Ms. Sumathi is currently persuing her Ph.d in Gender studies. She is working on ‘Gender and performance’, her main focus is on Media and performance.

To brief the topic, Media is often held responsible for portraying gender stereotypes and objectifying women. This lecture and discussion questions how we become aware of it? And, how do we rethink media's approach to gender issues. The students are enthusiastic about the concept of gender and had a productive discussion on Media and Gender, discussing about how media inserts pessimist images/ideas about women. She told the students, as media professionals it is the responsibility of you to give some positive and balanced images/ideas of women in media.

Orientation Day Of BA Mass Communication (30th June, 2016)

The program started with an Invocation of the Almighty by Fr.Kingston, Head of the Dept. The welcome address was given by Ms. AparnaSathe. The HOD gave a power point presentation detailing the Mission & Vision of the college. The students were acquainted with their duties & responsibilities. They were also informed about the various infrastructure facilities available to them.

It was followed by a PPT on the evaluation of the students’ performance by Ms.KiranJyothi, Controller of Examinations, PG.

For any student, whether current or an alumni, his or her Alma Matter is matter of great pride and joy. Three senior students both from BA Mass Comm & the JPE stream namely Abhyudaya, Ahmed Urooj & Vedanth narrated their rich, valuable & exciting experiences. Something they were proud to cherish lifelong.

The Principal, Rev.Fr.VincentArokiadas addressed the young, eager & inquisitive minds and asked them to be more creative & innovative in their thinking and approach. Prof.PL Vishweshwar Rao threw light on the immense potential the stream/course has to offer. He said,in wake of globalization, liberalization & privatization,the media has undergone a sea change. He also spoke of the employment opportunities that awaited the students.

Fr. Kingston introduced the Faculty Members of the department to the students followed by the distribution of refreshments to all.

International Yoga Day Celebrations

Date : 21st June 2016
Venue : Joseph’s Hall
Resource Person : Mr. Anuj and Mrs. Padmini Naidu

The international yoga day was celebrated on the 21st of june 2016 at St. joseph’s college. The department of psychology organized the event and all the students and the teachers were invited to attend the program.

The program was started by reciting a beautiful prayer in Sanskrit. Mrs. Aparna sathe spoke about the importance of yoga.The resource person Mr. Anuj and MrsPadmini Naidu from Isha foundation were introduced to the audience by reading out their profile. The program included a the screening of a 90 minute video which covered the concept of yoga and how it effects the well being and the overall development of an individual.

The video also included a few asanas and the audience were made to practice them under the guidance of the resource person. The hall was spacious enough to provide room for all the participants to practice the asanas. It was a self enriching experience for all the participants and they felt at peace after the program. The Resource Persons were awarded with the trophy by Dr. Suman Roy and a formal vote of thanks was proceeded.

Campus Radio

The Department of Mass Communication & Journalism started a Campus Radio on December 3, 2014. The Radio was inaugurated by the Principal Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas by addressing the students through the radio.

The radio programs are done by the students of the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism and also students from the other departments and faculties of the college also participates. The campus radio station is operated for the purpose of training the students into professional radio personnel.

The programs are be based on the college happenings, daily news and also entertainment programs like musical programs, radio dramas, stand up comedies and interviews. Daily broadcasting is usually for 10 to 15 minutes between 11.10 to 11.35 am.

Parent-Teacher Meet

Department has conducted parent-teachers’ meet on September 6, 2014. The parents of the students of BA I, II & III Mass Com & JPE were invited for interaction with the faculties regarding the student’s academic performances. Parents met the class in-charges personally and discussed about their wards and were directed to meet Head of the department and other faculties. Around 50 student’s parents have come for the meet.

CinEvolution 2015

The Department of Mass Communication & Journalism in St. Joseph’s Degree & PG College has organized a national level film festival “CinEvolution” on January 31, 2015 at Indira Priyadarshini Auditorium, Public Gardens, Nampally. CinEvolution 2015 powered by Panache a much awaited event for all the aspirants of Media served as a platform to showcase their creativity and innovation in film making, reflecting the social issues to create the awareness towards social change and transformation.

Sri Allam Narayana, Chairman, Telangana Press Academy was the chief guest of CinEvolution 2015. Sri Shailesh Reddy, Chief-editor 6TV, was the Guest of Honour, Sainma short film team Rohit Reddy, Tarun Bhaskar and Famous Lyric Writer Sri. Kandikonda and Ms. Manga Reddy, Member of Censor board were the special invitees for the occasion.

CinEvolution 2015 received 19 entries from across nation in three different categories (short films, documentaries and entertainment movies). All the entries were screened for the Jury members on January 30, 2015 and the prize winning movies were screened on CinEvolution Day. In all the categories First, Second and Third prizes were given Cash award, Certificates and Mementos. Certificates and mementos were given for Special Jury Award, Best Director, Best Actor and Actress as well. Principal Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas appreciated all the winners and participant while distributing the awards. CinEvolution 2015 turned a huge success with the major sponsorship of Andhra Bank and NTPC along with Kukreja (Group of Hotels) & Oriflame along with the ardent support of students of twin cities, academicians and practitioners of Mass Communication and Journalism.

Film Festival

Faculty of the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism has attended the film festival organized by Osmania University, Department of Mass Communication on November 21st. Faculties including Fr. Kingston, Mrs. Laasya Madhukar, Ms. Sreeju V.Nadh and Mr. Gowtham U has interacted with various academicians and eminent personalities from media such as Mr. Allam Narayana, Chairman of Press academy during the film festival, Shailesh Reddy and Laxmi Narayana. We had received 18 entries from all over India. Andhra Bank and NTPC sponsored the event.


Learning is more effective when coupled with practical experiences.
Hence, the students are involved in several
exercises that include:

 Short division videos
 Theme based squences
 Radio panel discussions
 Voice over recordings
 Radio Interviews
 Short film Making (End Semester)



The Department of Mass Communication & Journalism has organized a Student Orientation Program on 30 June 2014 for the fresh batch of BA Mass Communication and BA JPE at Mass Communication Studio. All the students participated in the program with lot of enthusiasm and expectation to learn about the Department and the College.
The Principal Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiyadas, Director Prof. K. Malla Reddy, Administrator Ms Esther along with the Head of the Department Fr. Kingston and faculty members greeted the students. Speaking on the occasion Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiyadas called upon the students to make an optimum use of the teaching and facilities provided at the college to mould them perfect professionals. He explained the importance of the role of media in society and asked students to inculcate social responsibility during their course. Prof. Malla Reddy further elaborated on the importance of media and media education and wished the students all success in the academic and professional pursuit. Fr. Kingston gave an overview of the course and career options available to them after successful completion of the course. He explained in detail about the studio and technical equipment which the students will use during the course. Senior faculty member Ms. Laasya gave a presentation on the college and
another faculty member Ms. Sreeju explained about the Department. Fr. Kingston introduced other faculty members Dr Ambika Sankar Mishra and Srinivas Roopi. As an icebreaking program, Dr. Mishra conducted games to students and made them feel an attachment with the Department and the College.


A national seminar on Media and Democracy was conducted by the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at the Seminar Hall on the campus on 28 June 2014.
The speakers at the seminar included Ms. Anitha Rao, activist from Lok Satta Party, Mr Adil Mohammed, media activist from New Delhi, Prof. PL Visweswar Rao, former dean of Osmania University, principal Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas, Director Prof. Malla Reddy and the Head of the Department Fr. Kingston.
A question was raised by Ms Anitha Rao that whether the media favors only elites and the law makers have the right to break the laws. She shared her experience as an activist involved in spreading the spirit of democracy and the non-cooperation from the media for their programs.
Prof. Visweshwar Rao said India is the largest democratic country in the world with one of the strongest media having over 850 television channels, next only to USA which has 950 channels. We have nearly 90,000 newspapers in the country, he said and lamented that despite such a huge presence of media, we are still unable to get facts that strengthen democratic functioning.
Mr. Adil said that the media has failed in exposing the nexus between politicians and the corporate which is running the government from behind the screen. Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas reminded the students of Mass Communication and Journalism of their duty towards the nation when they enter the field. Fr. Kingston anchored the seminar and all faculty members actively participated. The speakers answered the questions posed by students.


The short film Life at St. Joseph’s made by the students of BA II Mass Communication was screened for the Alumni on July 26, 2014 at Mass Com Studio


The classes for first autonomous batch of Post Graduation Master of Communication & Journalism (MCJ) were started on August 11, 2014. The students were introduced to the course structure and to the college activities through power point presentation. The short film “Life at St.Joseph’s” was also screened to them on the day.


Department has conducted parent-teachers’ meet on September 6, 2014. The parents of the students of BA I, II & III Mass Com & JPE were invited for interaction with the faculties regarding the student’s academic performances. Parents met the class in-charges personally and discussed about their wards and were directed to meet Head of the department and other faculties. Around 50 student’s parents have come for the meet.


Department of Mass Communication has participated in the Ethnic Day on September 27, 2014. Students came in ethnic wears and played Bathukamma (Telangana Folk Dance) in the College campus premises.


A warm welcome was extended to the first year students by the senior students for developing an affable ambiance
in the department. The function was conducted in the presence of the Principal Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas,
Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Sagaya Raj, Head of the Department Rev. Fr. Kingston and other faculty members.


Certificate Course in Professional Photography

For dispensing an opportunity for the students who are passionate about Photography, the department offered a Professional Photography course of 20 hours. Three sessions were conducted in the academic year of 2012-2013, which accommodated
55 students from various departments of the college. The classes were conducted by the Head of the Department,
Rev. Fr. Kingston who is an adept professional in the field.



“My Environment” Photo Competition by Paparazy Club

The Paparazy Photography club of the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism organized a photography competition
& exhibition on February 24th & 25th, 2014 with the assistance of Assistant Professor Mrs. Tapaswini Swain and Assistant Professor Ms. Sreeju V. Nadh. A number of students from different departments participated in the competition which was
based on the theme “My Environment”.

Green Revolution Poster Creation & Exhibition by Montaggio Club

BA I year students of Department of Mass Communication created posters for the promotion of “Green Revolution” on March 1st, 2014. The students were provided with Photoshop software installed MAC systems and the image of trees out of which they created attractive and commendable posters. The activity showcased the proficiency of students in the Photoshop software as well as their desire for a clean and green environment. The posters were exhibited in the college
from March 1st to 6th as an encouragement for the participants as well as to create in other students an interest for extra curricular activities.



Guest lecture by Mr. Charles Lavery

On January 17th, 2014 the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism organized a guest lecture by the international investigative journalist Mr. Charles lavery. Mr. Lavery a journalist of repute is presently holding the position of a teaching
faculty in IIJNM, Bangalore. His distinguished lecture on the topic “Investigative journalism and its need in India” seized the attention of the students and the faculty members. The interactive session
followed by the lecture offered a platform for the students to
elucidate their indistinct idea regarding the topic.



Seminar Presentation by II year MCJ Students

The aspiring media professionals of the MCJ II year class conducted a three day seminar on the topic “The impact of media on education”. 16 students participated in presentations which held on March 25th, 26th and 27th, 2014. The seminar commenced with the talk of Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Sagaya Raj propounding his ideas on the topic. Head of the Department Rev. Fr. Kingston presided the seminar.  The newfangled ideas of the students on the impact of media on education reflected their mastery over the topic.



Industry Visit to Ramoji Film City

Making the students industry ready has remained the utmost objective of the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism since its inception. Along with class room learning, exposure to the industry is a crucial segment in Mass Communication field. To attain this objective BA Ist year and MCJ Ist year students of mass communication department were taken to Ramoji Film City on 04.03.2015 to the shooting set of CASH Reality show which is a highly popular program in ETV on. Students under the effective guidance of Mr. Joseph, Rev. Fr. Kingston and Assistant Professor Ms. Sreeju V.Nadh & Mr. Gowtham U has tried to understand the techniques of multi-camera production, set designing, lighting arrangements and sound proof settings. The students were provided with an opportunity to participate in the program along with anchor Suma. With the cooperation of the staff in Malle Malla Production House, the students got to know managerial system as well. The visit helped the students to get an idea of the production of Reality shows and multi-camera production.

Department of Mass Communication & Journalism has organized a field trip to The Hindu news paper printing press plant located at Industrial Park, Uppal on October 11th & 13th 2014. The BA I, II & III & MCJ I & II year students were divided into two batches and were taken to the Press under the guidance of the Head of the Department Fr. Kingston and the other faculties Mr. D. Nagarjuna, Mrs. Laasya Madhukar, Ms. Sreeju V.Nadh and Mr. Gowtham U. The visit facilitated the students to witness the printing technology and the entire printing process of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper. Mr. Jayakrishnan and Mr. Ramaswamy (Technical Engineers) directed the students to various departments and explained the working and importance of each in detail. The visit to the most modern and sophisticated Press unit in entire Asian region has given the students an opportunity to have an invaluable experience of practical knowledge. The students got their doubts clarified with several engineers explaining the basic aspects of colour printing, deadlines and the responsibility of the editorial staff in bringing out the newspapers in time. The students and faculties were also provided with Tea and refreshment by the The Hindu organization. No of students benefitted: 168
Industry Visit to Door Darshan Hyderabad

Door Darshan Trip

Making the students industry ready has remained the utmost objective of the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism since its inception. Along with class room learning, exposure to the industry is a crucial segment in Mass Communication field. To attain this objective all the students of mass communication department were taken to Door Darshan, Hyderabad on September 23rd. Students under the effective guidance of Rev. Fr. Kingston and Assistant Professor Tapaswini Swain and Dr. Ambika Sankar Mishra tried to understand the techniques of program production and transmission at Door Darshan Centre. With the cooperation of the staff in DD, the students got to know managerial system as well. The visit helped the students to get an idea of the media organization and its functioning.


Live shows by students

live show

As a part of the Television Production practical, III year BA students and II year MCJ students had done live reality programs
on Career opportunities in Management on July 18th and Women Safety on August 19th, 2013. The initiative of students in
which they performed the roles of program producers, camera men, anchors, participants were highly appreciable.


BA III year Mass Communication students visited Nehru Zoological Park for Documentary production

As per the request of the authorities of Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad, III year BA Mass Communication students visited
Nehru Zoological Park on September 11th for the preparation a documentary about the park on its 10th anniversary
celebrations. The preproduction works done there under the guidance of the Rev. Fr. Kingston were highly appreciated by
the Park Authorities.


Debate by Students

The department organized debates for the students on December 16th & 17th, 2013 on the topics “Print media v/s Multimedia” and “Blogging v/s Journalism”. Head of the Department Rev. Fr. Kingston was the moderator for both the sessions. The debates which had the activate participation of students gave new insights on the topics. All other faculty members of the department were also present for the debates.




CinEvolution 2013, the innovative platform for the budding film makers has celebrated on 29th & 30th of November 2013 by the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, St. Joseph’s Degree and PG College. The competitions were conducted under three categories as per the plans proposed by Rev.Fr. Kingston, Head of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism. We have received 20 entries under the 3 categories: “social”, “entertainment” and
“48 hours movie”.


Press Conference and Logo Launch

The press conference for CinEvolution-2013 and logo launch was held on 22nd November in Seminar Hall of St. Joseph’s
Degree and PG College at 12:00 p.m. The program was graced by the CEO Kiss melody production Mr. Sourav Gupta,
three upcoming Tollywood  actresses Ms. Priya, Ms. Bhavyashree, and Ms. Jackson, Rev. Fr. Kingston d’ Alene HoD of Mass Communication. The program was chaired by Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas, Principal of St. Joseph Degree and PG College. The program was anchored by BA Mass communication students Dillip Malla and B. Harika. A Media personality from almost 17
media houses has attended the occasion. CinEvolution logo was launched by Principal Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas in this


Opening Ceremony of 48 Hours Movie

The concept of 48 hours movie was an innovative concept by the HoD of Mass Communication Rev. Fr. Kingston d’ Alene.
In this category participants were provided with camera, editing studio and all the requirements for preparing their movie.
They were allowed to do it individually or by group but were instructed to submit the movie within 48 hours. 
The competition for preparing 48 hours movie was inaugurated on 27th November 2013. The commencement of the
competition was announced by Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas, Principal St. Joseph Degree and PG College and vice Principal
Rev. Fr. Sleeva Reddy by waving of the flag.



Film Quiz
As part of the Josephiesta 2014, Department of Mass Communication & Journalism organized a film quiz on 01.02.2014, Saturday. Nine groups of students from different colleges participated in the Film Quiz which was the initiative of the faculty members and students. The students’ core committee made different sets of questions regarding Hollywood, Bollywood and other film industries in India. The film quiz which was conducted in 8 different rounds including audio
and video rounds was assisted by PowerPoint Presentation.

The teams which were getting least marks in each round were eliminated and 3 teams were considered for the final round. Assistant Professor Mrs. Tapaswini Swain and Assistant Professor Mrs. Laasya Madhukar were the judges. Shruti G, Bharadwaj P
and Mamun Hussaine from Badruka College won the First Prize and Feroz Ahmed S K, Srinivas Gautham and Yasaswi Raj from Badruka College has got the second Prize.  The other participant from Bhavan’s College, Sarojini Naidu Vanitha College, Arora College, IIMC, St. Paul’s Degree College and St. Joseph’s Degree & PG College were given Participation Certificates. The winners were given away the Prizes and Certificates in the valedictory function of Josephiesta 2014 on 01.02.2014 by the Chief Guest Mrs. Vani Prasad.


Internships and Projects

As part of the curriculum, the III year BA Mass Communication students have done internship in various national and regional media organizations like The Hindu, The New Indian Express, Zee TV, Subhavaartha, CVR, Studio N etc. The exposure to the industry helped the students in learned the functioning different department of media organizations as well as it helped the students to develop their talents and to be industry ready. After the six weeks long internship, the students came up with appreciations, certificates and their well filed work proofs which will definitely add colours to their Profiles.


Work Proofs of Students




Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)
President K.Chandrasekhar Rao and other leaders at a rally
in Hyderabad on February 26. 
Screen shot of the Frontline Magazine Photo
Solitary bliss





A WHITE PATCH IN A GREEN FIELD: A crane seems to be
enjoying the perfect ambience of a paddy field near Gandipet on Saturday
Screen shot of the Frontline Magazine Photo



Mass Communication & Journalism is a course which needs impetus and creative talent. Class room lectures alone are
inadequate to meet the necessities of the industry. The ultimate aim of this professional course is to make the students
work oriented and capable. To nurture these things, the department with the veritable support and guidance of the Head of Department Rev. Fr. Kingston rendered thorough training for the students in the fields of Anchoring, Editing and Ad-leaping.



  • Radio Advertisements
  • Radio Public Service Messages
  • 30 Min. Radio Magazine Programmes
  • Public Service Posters
  • Interview based Print articles



The students weretaken for a day-log trip to Arnold Communications, Amberpet, Hyderabad on 10th October, 2011 to
witness and gain knowledge on the processes involved in a video production shoot. They were familiarized with the different
lighting approaches and the various camera mouting devices.


Community Services

The Mass Communication department went on a field trip to Arnold Bhavan, Habsiguda, on 10th November, 2011. As part
of the learning experience students involved themselves in the production by performing a dance, doubled up as production
crew and lent their voice for the voice over during post production. The trip aimed at training the students in modern film
making techniques. Basic concepts of lighting were introduced to them with an exposure to different mounting devices and cameras. While some of the students were keen on being in front of the camera others preferred off screen roles. The
students were guided by the staff of the Mass Communication department and the professional cameramen who were present
on the day for the shoot. The students spent ten hours during the production understanding the various intricacies and
planning procedures that go into a single day of shooting. Several of them have showed renewed interests in the field of production since then and have formed groups and produced three short films.

Rahim Chagani has volunteerd to teach English to children migrated Gujarath and was certified by IL & FS.



Name of the Students
Name of the Organizing Institution
Prizes won

Rahim Chagani

Sudha Singh

I Year
PR Society of India, Hyderabad Chapter. Awarded second and third place in Essay writing competition.

Megha Bhojwani

Sunder Raj

Jiby Varghese

I Year
Rotary International Dist 3150 on 7th and 8th January, 2012.
Awarded Rotary Youth Leadership Award
Manish Upretty
I Year
Airtel Participated in Guinness World Record attempt by Airtel.
Sudha Singh
I Year
National Level Net Ball Tournament held at Bilaspur, MP on 17th to 22nd Jan, 2012. Represented Osmania University.
Jiby Varghese
I Year
Inter-Collegiate Basket Ball Tournament on 22nd and 23rd Sep, 2011.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image.

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