The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1997 with the objective of popularizing Mathematics among the students and to encourage research in mathematics, to strengthen the inculcated basic concepts of mathematics to students, to enhance the arithmetic ability of students. The department designed the curriculum for the existing courses to suit the emerging needs of the students.

The department offers the following courses in B.Sc.

  • MPCs/CA (Maths, Physics, Computer Science / Computer Applications)
  • MSCs/CA (Maths, Statistics, Computer Science / Computer Applications)
  • MECs/CA (Maths, Electronics, Computer Science / Computer Applications)
  • B.Sc ( Networking & Hardware, Applied Electronics, Mathematics)


To strive for excellence in Mathematical sciences that ignite students for interdisciplinary domains.


  • To develop analytical skills and logical acumen for problem solving
  • To provide excellent knowledge of Mathematical sciences for suitable career and groom them for National recognition
  • To make the students savvy in data analytics.
  • To train the students for interdisciplinary applications and research
  • To build life skills through value-based education and service-oriented programs.


  • Unit planners with references, websites and methodologies are prepared well in advance and are provided to the students
    along with the syllabus for every subject.
  • To lay a strong foundation in the subject Bridge Courses are conducted to the first year students.
  • In the Process of continuous evaluation students are asked to give seminars on various topics related to the subjects.
  • Guest Lectures by subject experts are arranged for better understanding of subjects.
  • Remedial Classes are conducted to enhance the performance of the students.
  • Tutorial Classes are conducted for extra assistance for the slow learners.
  • Students are given opportunity to complete various certificate courses during their course of study.
  • Academic and Personal counseling of students is taken care  of by the faculty.
  • Students are given pre placement training to meet the expectations of the employers.
  • Students are provided with Placement Opportunities as various esteemed companies visit the campus for placements.
  • Career Counseling is conducted for the outgoing batch by the experts from outside.
  • Students are provided with a platform where they can showcase the talents in literary and cultural events.


  • Mock viva is conducted for the students to prepare them for their final examination.
  • Students are taken for Industrial Visits to interpret the curriculum practically.
  • Students are given Assignments throughout the academic year to enable them to get thorough knowledge in the subjects.
  • In the process of continuous evaluation, students take up seminars on curriculum subjects & also on the topics of the
    subjects incorporating the day to day development.

The Utility of SPSS Software

The Management purchased SPSS software to the tune of Rs. 2.5 lakhs for the benefit of staff and students, which is a comprehensive statistical and data management package. Its Statistical capabilities alone range from simple percentages to complex analysis of variance, multiple regression and general linear models which help to generate tabulated reports, charts, plots of distributions and trends. The Students use the software in statistics practical where they learn to analyze the data, to check for statistical significance and to interpret the data output in a manner relevant to various projects.



S.No Name Qualification Designation Experience
1 Mrs. G. Sunitha M. Sc (Mathematics) HoD,Associate Professor 20 years
2 Mr. D. Srinivas Reddy M.Sc(Mathematics), M. Phil ., B. Ed Associate Professor 21 years
3 Mrs. Nampally Lakshmi M.Sc(Mathematics),
B. Ed
Assistant Professor 4 years
4 Ms. S. Vijayalaxmi M.Sc.(Statistics) Assistant Professor 5 years
5 Mrs.Pavani Janapaty M.Sc (Mathematics) Assistant Professor 11 years


  • S. Vijayalaxmi, Department of Mathematics & Statistics attended the U. G. C. sponsored National workshop on “Research Methodology and Biostatistics” on 30th & 31st October 2014, organized by Department of Botany held at St Ann’s Women College Mehidpatnam, Hyderabad.
  • Aarti Mathur, Department of Mathematics & Statistics participated in the Faculty development programme on “Advanced Numerical Methods and Techniques” on 27th September 2014, held at Aurora’s Auditorium, organized by Department of Mathematics Arora’s Degree & PG College, Chikkadapally, Hyderabad.
  • K. Harisha Chari, Department of Mathematics & Statistics attended the workshop on “MATLAB AND SIMULINK ACADEMIC TOUR- 2014” on 11th August 2014 at Begumpet, Hyderabad.
  • Mr. D. Srinivas Reddy attended a National Conference on “Recent trends in Applications of Mathematics”  and 22nd
    December, 2013 Annual Congress of Andhra Pradesh Society for Mathematical Sciences (APSMS) (a National, professional society engaged in various activities to promote mathematics in developing new pedagogy for teaching and research) conducted by Anurag Group of Institutions(Teacher centric).
  • Mr. D. Srinivas Reddy attended a National seminar in Mathematics on 25th Aug 2012 in Mathematics – Recent Trends and Challenges conducted by St. Ann’s College for Women, Mehdipatnam.
  • Mr.D.Srinivas Reddy and Mr.P.Bhaskar Reddy attended 24th AIMS Convention   on innovative management for sustainable education, a national conference organized by Association of Indian Management Schools, AIMS on 27th July
  • Mr. Srinivas Reddy and Mrs. Sunitha attended a one day conference conducted by the Department of Mathematics,
    Osmania University
    on 2- 2- 2012.
  • Mr. P. Bhaskar Reddy, Lecturer in Statistics was the resource person for a two day workshop on SPSS ( Statistical
    Package for Social
    Sciences) to the faculty of the college, to enrich their skills in statistical software on 9th & 10th of Jan, 2012.
  • Mr. P. Bhaskar Reddy, Lecturer in Statistics is rendering his services as a guest lecturer to the Department of Forensic Science, Osmania University in “Bio Statistics”.

Orientation / Seminars / Conferences / Workshop / attended by Faculty

1 12.08.2014 K. Harisha Chari Workshop on MATHWORKS in MATLAB
2 27th Sep 2014 Aarti Mathur Faculty Development  Program on Advanced Numerical Methods and Techniques
3 30th &31st Oct 2014 S. Vijayalaxmi National workshop on research  Methodology and Bio-Statistics
4 8th Nov 2014 S. Vijayalaxmi Faculty Development  Program on research  Methodology and Data Analysis

Paper Presentations / Paper Publications by Faculty

S. No Name Paper Presentation/Title Date Conference/workshop/Seminars Venue
1 D. Srinivas Reddy
Associative Professor

Signed Sequences and Rolle's Restrictions: Why Not All Real Differentiable Functions and Polynomials Satisfying Rolle's Theorem Are Constructible 27th &28th Feb’2015  National Conference on Role of Mathematics in Real World Problems Organized by
Department of Mathematics at Aurora’s Degree & PG College, Chikadapally, Hyderabad

Faculty Name Type of Article (National or International Article title Name of Journal/Paper  Presentation Year of Publication
Mr. D Srinivas Reddy International High Dimensional Radial Barrier Options An expedition towards growth and sustainability in commerce and management: Trends, challenges and strategies 18th , 19th& 20th Dec 2015 and presented and published with ISBN 978-93-85100-05-5
National Paper presented on Signed Sequences and Rolle's Restrictions: Why Not All Real Differentiable Functions and Polynomials Satisfying Rolle's Theorem Are Constructible National Conference on “Role of Mathematics in Real World Problems”

  27th& 28th Feb 2015  
Mrs. Nampally Lakshmi National Paper presented on The effect of rigidity on torsional  vibrations in a poroelastic cylinder National Conference on “Role of Mathematics in Real World Problems” 27th& 28th Feb 2015
National Paper presented on The omnipresent universe National Conference on “Role of Mathematics in Real World Problems” 27th& 28th Feb 2015
International A study about mathematical teachers under stress An expedition towards growth and sustainability in commerce and management: Trends, challenges and strategies 18th , 19th& 20th Dec 2015 and presented and published with ISBN 978-93-85100-05-5

Minor Research Project

A Minor Research Project Proposal was applied by Ms.NampallyLakshmi ,Asst Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics with the Project Title : Inter relationship between basic mathematical operations and development of cognitive abilities in children-In Nalgonda District.


    A guest lecture is been organized by Maths & stats dept. on 4th October, 2013 titled on "Applications of Bio- Statistics"
    for Statistics under graduate students of the collegeResource person Prof.M. Vishnuvardhan Rao, Deputy Director Of NIN,
    Tarnaka, Hyderabad & Organized by Department of Mathematics & Statistics Faculty.

    HAES in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, of St. Joseph's Degree &  PG College conducted a
    two day Seminar on  Conceptual  insights  in Mathematics and Statistics for high school teachers of HAES on 4th and 5th June 2010. The objective of the seminar was to explore the "Conceptual Understanding   in Mathematics  and Statistics" that  enhances  mathematics  learning  and  support  good instructional practice.



    Science Academies Lecture Series

    The Department of Science organized the Lecture Series on “ Role of Mathematical Sciences in Digitalization” on 7th & 8th of September 2016 and was sponsored by Indian Academy of Sciences(IAS), Bangalore, Indian National Science Academy(INSA), New Delhi and National Academy of Sciences(NAS), Allahabad. The Proposal for the Lecture Series to the Three Academy of Sciences got approved on 10th August 2016 and a sum of Rs.1,03,500 /- was sanctioned.

    Certificate Courses

    The Department conducted two certificate courses during the semester

    Numerical Ability:

    The Department conducted the Certificate course in “Numerical Ability” in collaboration with Click Institute from 26th Sep 2016 to 16th Oct 2016. 61 students registered for the course. Dr. M. Muralidhar from the Click Institute was the resource person The Exam was conducted on 17th Oct 2016.


    The Department conducted the Certificate course in SPSS from 29th Aug 2016 to 7th Oct 2016. 45 students registered for the course. The Exam was conducted on 10 th Oct 2016. Mr. M. Vishnuvardan Rao, DY.Director NIN, Mr. Titupathi Reddy , Research Scholar, NIN and Ms, S. Vijaya Laxmi, Department of Mathematics & Statistics were the resource persons

    Essay Writing Competition

    As a part of Math Club Activity the Department conducted an Essay writing Competition on ”MATHOPHOBIA BORN OR MADE” on 24th August 2016 . Nearly 60 students from various streams participated in the competition.

    Student Research
    Paper Presentations by Students
    • Prabhu Kumar, Manish kumar Jha presented a paper titled “ Future of Artificial Intelligence” in a two day National Conference on “ Information and Communication Technologies Research- Challenges and Opportunities “ On 19th and 20th of August 2016 organized by Aurora’s Degree & PG College
    • K. Keerthi, T. Vikas presented a paper titled “ Improvement and Achievements in Medical Field through ICT” in a two day National Conference on “ Information and Communication Technologies Research- Challenges and Opportunities” On 19th and 20th of August 2016 organized by Aurora’s Degree & PG College
    • Prashanth Manna, G.Himakar, D. Sachin Shalome presented a paper titled on “Uses and improvements on e-governance” in a two day National Conference on “ Information and Communication Technologies Research- Challenges and Opportunities “ On 19th and 20th of August 2016 organized by Aurora’s Degree & PG College


    Department of Science organized a Pre-Placement talk for all B. Sc Third Year students on 2nd July 2016. Mr. M.L.N. Rao, placement coordinator of Science department briefed the students on the support rendered by Placement Cell through CRT program, leading recruiters of the college. Dr.N.Srinivas, Placement officer of the college explained to the students about the procedure of online registration for placements and the rules and guidelines to be followed for registration. . He delivered a lecture on Interview Etiquette and positive attitude using audio visual aids also gave tips to face interviews.

    Power Point Presentation Competition

    The Department of Mathematics & Statistics celebrated the National Statistics Day on 29th June 2016. The Students of second year of MSCS participated actively in poster presentation on Statisticians-their Biography, Contributions, and Achievements.The Third Year students of MSCS presented about various Statisticians like Prof. R.A Fisher, Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis,, their biography and their contributions in the field of Statistics using power point presentations.

    Report on Induction Programme

    The Department of Science conducted a one day induction programme on 30th June 2016 at 12.00 Pm in the Cellar for the B. Sc first year students.

    The aim of the program is to specifically establish a welcoming environment that creates a sense of belonging and acclimate students to the academic and co-curricular programs and resources.

    The Program was started with a prayer by Rev.Fr. Arogyam, the Vice Principal of the college. The Principal Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas in his inaugural address exhorted that the students must sharpen their skills to meet the challengesand impressed upon the students to adopt discipline in their academics as well as social lives in order to become good students.. The Program was graced by the Director Prof. P. L. Visweswararao who laid stress on taking up studies seriously as there are ample opportunities for science students to breakthrough into new ventures in his address to the students.

    During induction programme the students were provided an insight to the institution, infrastructure and process of academic learning and teaching by Mrs G. Sunitha, Head, Department of Mathematics & Statistics. Mrs Kiran Jyothi, Dean of Sciences, provided enriched inputs on the department, its activities and introduced the faculty to the students. . Mr Satyanarayana, controller of examinations briefed them about the semester system of autonomy, Continuous Internal assessment, end semester examinations and promotion rules. Mr Basher, alumni shred his experience with the young ones. He spoke about the prospects in adopting B. Sc Course, career opportunities and the corporate expectations. Mr Prabhu Kiran and Mr Dilip of final B. Sc shared their experiences with the freshers.

    An Ice-breaking session was well organized by Mrs Shailaja, Mrs Swathi and Mrs Haripriya wherein students participated enthusiastically. The entire event was well-coordinated by Mrs L.M.Priya, Head, Department of Physics & Electronics.

    Orientation Programme for I Years
    Date : 29.6.2015


    The major objective of the programme was to make the students aware of the academic aspects of the course, the rules and regulations of the Institution to provide a smooth transition for the students into the new environment of the Institute.

    About Programme

    First year students often feel ill-equipped academically and emotionally, hindering their integration and adjustment into campus life. During orientation, students will be made aware of opportunities to be socially integrated into the college culture. If students do not become socially integrated within the first few weeks of their arrival, they are less likely to stay at that institution. Social activities can include parties, games, concerts, icebreakers, and hang-out time. Students also can learn about the various student committees and departmental clubs in which they can be involved.

    The programme was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the Assistant Vice principal, academic coordinator and other dignitaries.

    Rev.Fr.Vincent Arokiadas,Principal of the college, while delivering a speech on the occasion, said that it was not the events but the attitude that caused success. He also stressed the importance of dedication to one’s profession.

    Mr.Raj Kumar,Academic Coordinator Science, briefed the students about the rules and regulations of the institute and requested the students to understand and abide by the institutional rules and norms.

    Entry level feedback revealed strong academic support for the initiatives, with the Department of Science students reporting their orientation experience significantly positive.

    Parent - Teacher Meet
    • The Parent teacher meeting for the first year parents was conducted on 22nd August 2015 by the proactive initiation of the department  where the faculty of the department interacted with the parents and discussed with each  parent their ward’s attendance and performance during the first internal.
    • The parent feedback is taken on   the curriculum and infrastructural facilities of the college and is filed in the department. An Analysis on the parent feedback is in progress using the SPSS software.
    • The Department took initiation in monitoring the student attendance and all the students who are having less than 50% are called along with the parents and parents are given feedback on their ward’s attendance percentage and parent and student undertakings are taken and filed.

    Report of Certificate Course in Numerical Ability September 2015

    Name of the Activity : Certificate Course in Numerical Ability
    Nature of the Activity : Student Centric
    Incharge /Coordinator : D. Srinivas Reddy.
    Date : 22nd August– 19th September, 2015
    Title : Numerical Ability
    Venue : Room No: 302
    Target Group : All the under graduate students of the college
    No. of Participants : 60 students.
    Resource Person & Organization : Department of Mathematics in collaboration with CLiCK Institute.


    • To introduce basic concepts of Mathematics to students.
    • To enhance the arithmetic abilities of the students through various shortcut methods.
    • To create a confidence among the students to face various entrance exams like, ICET, CAT, and MAT etc.
    • To make the students competent enough to face all competitive exams like, BANK, LIC, GROUPS etc.

    At the end of the course, the participants will be able to gradually master many areas of Arithmetic. 

    About the Activity

    The Certificate course in Numerical Ability was conducted from 22nd Aug to 19th September for the enrolled 60 students in collaboration with Click Institute. An overview session on the “Numerical Ability” certificate course was conducted on 15.09.2015. The certificate course exam was conducted on 17th of September 2015; about 60 students of various streams have attended the examination. The certificate course examination papers are evaluated by the faculty.       

    Alumni Association Meet – 2015

    “Alumni Association Meet – 2015” was held on 19th September 2015 at Joseph’s Hall for the Degree & PG Courses. There were twenty-five alumni members attended the meet and shared their views to the students and staff. The program was started with prayer by Rev. Fr. Richard, Vice-principal, followed by prayer song sung by college choir. Mrs.AparnaSathe, MC of the program gave an introductory talk of the significance of Alumni Association Meet. Rev. Fr. Richard, for President of alumni meet, appreciated the alumni members of their immense support in framing syllabus, technical inputs for students and staff, providing placement opportunities to our students, active participation and valuable suggestions during BoS meetings, admissions into various courses, suggestions on improving quality education and help rendered for preparing industry-ready curriculum design. He thanked them for their continue support and service towards the growth of this institution. Mr. Michael, Vice-president gave a motivational speech about the alumni association and their functioning. He also appreciated the management for giving him opportunity to purse the right course at right time which helped him to achieve his career growth.

    The students of B.Sc and B.Com performed cultural programmes and entertained the alumni members. The alumni interaction was meticulously planned and executed by Mrs. R. Anitha and alumni members expressed their intension for attending the alumni association meet. Finally the formal vote of thanks proposed by Mr. M. Joseph Rajakumar, Convener, Alumni Association committee. The program was concluded with group photograph and high tea.

    Power Point Presentation Competition

    The Department of Mathematics & Statistics  conducted a Power Point Presentation Competition on 21st December 2015 at 1.30 PM on the topic “Mathematicians or Statisticians and their Contributions” on the eve of National Mathematics Day   on 22nd Dec 2015. The participants gave a presentation on the history of the eminent  Mathematicians& Statisticians,their achievements and Contributions to the respective fields in brief.


    National Mathematics Day

    The National mathematics day was celebrated on 22nd December 2015.

    Guest Lecture : The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has organized a lecture on the great Mathematician, SrinivasaRamanujan at 11:00 AM for B.SC. I Year students in Joseph hall by the resource person M.S. Ramesh, Senior Faculty in Tapasya academy, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad. The Lecture was about the life of SrinivasaRamanujan and his extraordinary contributions to Mathematical analysis. The winners of power point presentation competition were recognized with token of appreciation by Mr. M.S.Ramesh.

    Puzzle Paradise (13.02.2016)

    The department conducted a puzzle paradise event for Josephiesta-2016 (cultural feast) at St Joseph’s Degree & PG College. In this event, nine different types of puzzles were conducted.

    Numbers of participants are 15, but each participant playeddifferent number of events and puzzles.  Students are received prizes and certificates

    First prize : Manish - St. Joseph’s Degree & PG College.

    Second Prize : Kyathi – St. Joseph’s Degree & PG College.

    Third Prize : Srilaxmi – A.V. College, Dhomalguda, Hyderabad.

    Workshop on “Analysis, Number theory & Probability theory - a conceptual study”

    6 students of B. Sc second year attended a workshop on “Analysis, Number theory & Probability theory- a conceptual study” which was organized by Osmania University college for women, Department of Mathematics, sponsored by Alladi Memorial Trust.

    From 9th Feb’ 2016 to 11th Feb 2016.

    Guest Lectures/ Seminars/ Workshops organized for students

    The Department of Mathematics & Statistics is planning to arrange a motivational talk on “Career Opportunities” for all the students of B.Sc second and third years on 1st July 2014 at 11.30 AM. The aim of the Programme is to make the science students enthusiastic towards their career and also to encourage the slow learners. Mr. P. Chandrasekhar, Technical Director-Project Development of Technique Design Group is the resource person.

    Orientation Programme for students
    Name of the Activity : Orientation Programme
    Date : June 2014
    Incharge/Coordinator : Mr. D. Srinivas Reddy/Mrs. G. Sunitha
    Venue : Seminar Hall-Cellar,St.Joseph’s Degree & PG College
    Target Group : I B.Sc (All Groups)
    Resource Person & Organization : 1.Principal 2. Director
    Objective :
    • To introduce the academic structure.
    • To acquaint with the college rules & guidelines
    About the Activity :

    First year students often feel ill-equipped academically and emotionally, hindering their integration and adjustment into college life. A standardised orientation program for first year undergraduate students organized focusing on peer and academic support based principles, assisting commencing students to achieve a smooth transition from intermediate level into university level under graduation programme

    we introduced activities which are focused on information for the first year, incorporation of Alumni student interaction and the inclusion of ice-breaker activities.. 
    About College life-Interaction by Principal Ice-breaker activities Alumni interaction
    Cyber Crime Program - A talk on “Awareness of Cyber Crime”

    A Talk on Cyber Crime awareness was organized by Mr. Srinivas Reddy, Head of the Department Mathematics on 14 October 2014 at 11.30 a.m. in Joseph’s Hall. Dr. B. Anuradha, ACP, Crime Branch, CCS, Detective Department, Hyderabad was the Chief Guest and Shri. R. Majid Ali Khan, Inspector of Police, Crime Branch was the Speaker. Dr. Deepika Gardner, Head Department of English welcomed and introduced the guest to the gathering. Inspector Khan gave valuable insights to the students through a well-prepared PowerPoint Presentation. He said that they should be vigilant, use their common sense and be cautious of criminal elements. He spoke about material and Non-material crimes, offences on internet, Face book, SMS etc. He said many highly educated people were falling into the trap of these criminals; therefore, this talk was organized. There are job frauds, identity thefts, credit card frauds, cyber terrorism etc. An interactive session was done at the end where students clarified their doubts. It was a real eye-opener and highly beneficial programme.

    Government College Principals Visit

    AP Government College principals visited our Mathematics & Statistics department on 11th August 2014 & 12th August 2014 and interacted with staff regarding department innovative teaching and learning practices.

    Power Point Presentation  competition

    Nature of the Activity:  On the eve of National Mathematics Day the Department conducted a power point presentation competition to all B.Sc students (Student Centric Competition)
    In charge/Coordinator: The entire department faculty.       
    Date: 20th  December 2013
    Title: “Srinivasa Ramanujan’s and his Contributions”

    No. of Participants: 6 teams (Each Team Two Members) Organization:  Department of Mathematics &Statistics, St Joseph's Degree & PG College, Hyderabad.

    Objective:In recognition to the contributions of Sinivasa Ramanujan  to Mathematics the Government of India declared 22nd
    Dec as National mathematics Day .On this Eve to sensitize  and create an awareness among the students on the natural
    genius Srinivasa Ramanujan ‘s life and his contributions to mathematics the department conducted the power point  
    presentation competition . Students are motivated to prepare innovative power points  to enhance their presentation skills and
    communication skills


    Essay writing Competition

    Nature of the Activity : Student Centric/FDP/Departmental
    In charge/Coordinator : The entire Department Faculty
    Date : 28th November 2013
    Title: Why students are getting afraid to mathematics
    Target Group: All UG Students
    No. of Participants: 15 students
    Resource Person & Organization: All the Department of Faculty

    Objective: The students are expected to write an essay in an analyzing structure on the above said topic.
    About the Activity (few lines):Students expressed beautifully their problems they are facing and why they are afraid and in
    fact getting averted to the mathematics subject.15 students have participated in the competition.


    Quiz Competition

    Nature of the Activity : Test UR IQ (Aptitude test)
    In charge/Coordinators : B. Kalavathi /G. Sunitha
    Date : 21st September, 2013
    No. of Participants : 80 teams of various streams consisting of almost 240 students.

    student lateral thinking, logic, arithmetic, analytical, critical reasoning and keen observation are tested 
    About the Activity: The Quiz competition was conducted in two phases.
    Phase- I- Written Examination where 30 Questions based on aptitude & arithmetic and logic and reasoning were given for 30 minutes. 
    Phase-II - Six teams out of 80 teams were selected for final round which comprised of seven rounds with a vast variation in rounds where the student logical, reasoning, observation, memory and imagination skills are tested.


    Certificate Course in Numerical Ability

    Nature of the Activity: Student Centric (Numerical Ability)
    Incharge /Coordinator: B. Kalavathi / D. Srinivas Reddy.
    Date: 4th – 20th September, 2013
    No. of Participants: 91 students.
    Resource Person & Organization: Department of Mathematics in collaboration with CLICK Institute.


    1. To introduce basic concepts of Mathematics to students.
    2. To enhance the arithmetic abilities of the students through various shortcut methods.
    3. To create a confidence among the students to face various entrance exams like, ICET, CAT, and MAT etc.
    4. To make the students competent enough to face all competitive exams like, BANK, LIC, GROUPS etc                               


    A two day seminar on conceptual insights in Mathematics and Statistics was conducted on 4th and 5th June, 2010 for
    Hyderabad Archdiocese Educational Society (HAES) High School teachers. Technical sessions were conducted by renowned professors from varied universities to aid conceptual clarity and provide new insights into :

  • Number System and its Applications
  • Methods of Teaching in Mathematics
  • Linear Programming
  • Statistics and its Applications
  • Relations & Functions
  • Concept Development in Mathematics to teach at the Primary and High School Level
  • Student-Teacher Relationship
  • Internet Resources and Search Engines Available for Teaching Mathematics


  • Mat Lab awareness program was conducted by the Department to the III B.Sc students where experts from Academy
    of Design & Architecture explained the salient features of the Mat Lab software to the students on 2nd July 2013.
  • An orientation program was conducted for B.Sc I year students on  29th June 2013 where Mr. D.Srinivas Reddy briefed about the various activities of the Department and Mrs. G. Sunitha gave an overview on autonomy to the students. 
  • An Orientation Programme  was conducted for the First year students of B.Sc on 4th July 2012. Rev.Fr.Dr.V.K.Swamy,
    the Principal  made a presentation  about the College.  An awareness was created about the aims of education and the  importance of Soft Skills for a successful career. An overview on Prospects of Autonomy was given  by Mrs.G.Sunitha. The students were introduced to different activities and clubs of the college by the faculty.


  • A guest lecture is been organized by Maths & stats dept. on 25th October, 2013 entitled as "Seminar on Project Overview"
    for B. Sc Final year students
  • Resource Person & Organization: A. Inna Reddy, Head, Department of Computer Science, City College, Hyderabad.

    Objective: The objective of project work is to prepare the students for systematic independent study of the subject and make accurate use of concepts in the broad area of his / her specialization.

    About the Activity: Seminar included power point presentation where the resource person gave guidelines to the students on design of project, data collection, analysis and submission. He also referred the scope of various projects available to students.

  • A guest lecture is been organized by Maths & stats dept. on 4th October, 2013 titled on "Applications of Bio- Statistics" for Statistics under graduate students of the college

    Resource Person & Organization: Prof.M. Vishnuvardhan Rao, Deputy Director Of NIN, Tarnaka, Hyderabad & Organized by Department of Mathematics & Statistics Faculty.

    Objective: Anatomy of a problem where a problem is defines with its objective specification with a suggested design, so as
    to collect an analyzed the data to draw a conclusion.

    About the Activity: Where he spoke on the various tests of statistics which could be effectively used in the fields like bio-medicine, chemistry and etc. He spoke Replication, Randomization and local control is the principles of good experiments. He
    also discussed about various types of studies both observational and experimental and also about the types of measurements.
    He spoke about sampling and probability sampling and their applications and also about hypothesis and errors we usually
    commit and also about the miss-uses of sampling techniques.

  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics organized a guest lecture on “Overview of Project Seminar  (Student Centric)” on 25th November, 2013 B. Sc Final year students. 
  • About 55 students attended the seminar. The objective of project work is to prepare the students for systematic independent study of the subject and make accurate use of concepts in the broad area of his / her specialization.
    Seminar included power point presentation where the resource person gave guidelines to the students on design of project,
    data collection, analysis and submission. He also referred the scope of various projects available to students.

    In charge/Coordinator: D Srinivas Reddy and Collaboration with Computer Science Department
    Resource Person & Organization: A. Inna Reddy, Head, Department of Computer Science, City College, Hyderabad.

  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics organized   a guest lecture on“Applications of Differential Equations in
    Science and Technology”   on 19th July, 2012.

Mr. B. Srivatsava Dy. Director, DRDL, DRDO enlightened the students on various applications of differential equations in science and technology.  He also threw  light on the importance of differential equations In mathematical modeling  whose applications
are vast in construction of bridges, simulations of space shuttle, generation of wind energy, design of super fast train, design
of dream linear 78 etc.


  • P Santhosh Kumar, K Ankith, BalaArun and Gouravshukla of BSc NHAEM III Year students participated in “TECHNOVANZA” Inter Collegiate Compitition, Organised by Department of Computer Science & Department of Mathematics on 20th August 2015 at Little Flower Degree College,Uppal, Hyderabad.
Student Achievements 2015-16
1 K Keerti B.Sc II MPCS Kuchipudi Dance competitions at Ravindrabharathi
2. U. Ravi Krishna Reddy B.Sc II MSCS Qualified CA 
3 Prabhu Kumar B.Sc II MSCS i. Meritorious in singing and Anchoring Gold medal From Home Minister
ii. Nightingale of India award by Sangam Kala Group
4 Abdul Rehman
K.Krunal Kumar
B.Sc II MSCS SAVE THE LAKE Organized by St Francis’s College for Women at Sanjeevaiah Park
5 GauravShukla B. Sc III NHAEM Wild Life Photography
i. Achieved Best of the team (All India) from DCP Expeditions and ii. Most Promising Group Leader.

STATA FEST (ANALYZE, TO UNDERSTAND – Analysis & interpretation of data sets using MS-Exel)

Students of B.Sc 3 years attended and participatedin various events  in STATA FEST  organized by St.Ann 's Degree College on the eve of International year of statistics dated on 16th December 2013. No. of Participants are 11

  Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write by creating awareness about the universal application of the subject.


A bridge course for all the B.Sc First   year students was conducted on 12th July. 49 students of the total 125 students have scored 50% below marks. The Department has conducted a bridge course  for these students  on differentiation, differential equations, and integration to help the students in better understanding the syllabi in the present curriculum.

Bridge courses are planned to fill the gap in the existing knowledge of the student and pave way for conceptual learning.

The Department conducts the bridge courses after an entry level assessment in

  • Basics of differentiation and Integration &
  • Fundamentals of Statistics

Remedial Classes

The Department offers remedial classes to students who are below the expected level to stress the basics in the subject which can help students to fully understand advanced concepts paving an opportunity for all the late bloomers to improve their academic performance and cope up with the rest of the class.

Tutorial Classes

The Department conducts Tutorial classes for the slow learners to give them individual care

Parent Teacher Meeting

The Parent Teacher Interface conducted for all streams on 24th and 31st August 2013 at Joseph’s Hall. Principal
Rev. Fr. Vincent Arokiadas and Director Prof. K. Malla Reddy addressed the parents. It was held after the I Internal examination so that the parents could see the progress of their wards. Parents Mr. Subramaniyam Rao and Mrs. Surekha Sridhar spoke on “Expectations of the Institution from the Parents” and “Expectations of Parents from the Institution” respectively. One of the grandparents also spoke on the occasion.
The parents were informed about their ward‘s performance and feedback was taken from the parents regarding the curriculum, discipline etc.

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics in association with the Department of Physics & Electronics has conducted a
parent teacher meeting of III B.Sc students on   08-07-2011. Some of the parents responded positively to the meeting headed by Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Sunder.
The Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Sunder addressed the gathering and discussed with the parents regarding attendance, regularity, punctuality of the students on placement opportunities to the students. The faculty members interacted with the parents to know the difficulties to the students.


Industrial Visit to Vijaya Milk Product Factory

This is a correspondence from the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, St. Josephs Degree & PG College. Industrial Visit to VIJAYA MILK PRODUCT FACTORY, AP Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd is a part of our Curriculum and we request your cooperation in this regard in providing experiential learning for III & II Year (MSCs) students on 4th July 2014 at Tharnaka, Hyderabad.


On 11th January 2014, 85 students of BSc (MPCs, MSCs& MECs) I Year visited orphanage, Gracious paradise charitable foundation near Vanastalipuram Hyderabad. They are delighted to contribute items like note books, stationary items clothes
etc. Students conducted various activities like drawing competition, dance competition, singing competition and distributed
prizes and gifts to the orphans.

The main objective to encourage a sense of sharing among the students with the people in the society, beside their regular Academic programme.

A Visit to cherish foundation - orphanage

To share the joy and spirit of Christmas, the students of II B.Sc Mathematics & Statistics visited CHERISH FOUNDATION - an orphanage on 9th December, 2011. They contributed Note books, Stationary items, Clothes etc. and also conducted events
like drawing competition, dance competition and talent show.


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image.

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