Department of Psychology


To equip the students with tools and techniques to become aware of self; and to enhance their understanding of others; thus, taking the high road to becoming effective Psychologists.


  • To give the students a firm grounding in the subject of psychology.
  • To use the psychological concepts in refining their human sense and sensibilities.
  • To make the students competent in the Basic psychological processes.
  • To enhance their communication, listening and understanding skills.
  • To build life skills and develop their personalities through value-based education and other self development programs.

Best Practices

Counseling Cell

The Counseling Cell is a prominent part of the Department with a focus on providing one on one attention to students and parents from all streams. An additional paradigm to the cell is that cases from outside the college are also dealt with within the campus thus rolling out the message that the college cares for the mental well being of one and all.


The PSYCHED Club operates with a goal to spread awareness about Psychology as a subject and encourage students to engage in social participation and interactions thus befitting their social development.

Personal attention to Students

The student – teacher proportion allows the teachers to engage with the students personally. Additionally, being Psychologists themselves, the teachers usually have an edge in understanding the student behavior better thus addressing them on a one on one basis.

Release of Annual PSYCHED Report

The Department releases the Annual Report for the Academic year during its investiture ceremony. The report presents to the students an opportunity for creative representation of their talents.


The students in the VI Semester are provided with the opportunity to work on an internship in the field of Psychology for 45 days. Apart from industrial training this is an opportunity for them to get placed within the industry.

Student Outreach Programs

The students have played an active role in organizing and carrying out outreach programs for members from outside the college community. These outreach and awareness programs are often seen on lines of pressing psycho - social issues, for example: Suicide and Drug Awareness.