Student Support

Student Support Programmes ~ Activities

Orientation / Induction Programme

The orientation programmes which include - Ice Breakers,Aptitude Tests, Thematic Apperception Tests, Case Studies, Group Discussions and Oral / Written Communication aim at mapping the students’ talent, and also identifying their individual skills and needs.

Outbound Training

The outbound training programme is conducted with the objective of ensuring the overall growth and development of the student for future prospects. Activities based on themes like Character building, Success etc. are organized for the first year students.

Experiential Learning (Industrial Visits/Field Visits)

As a part of our endeavor to increase Institution-Industry interaction and create among the students an awareness and understanding of the practical aspects of the industry, students are given an opportunity to visit industrial units.


This Student body mainly acts as an interface between the student community and the management. The Management, staff representatives and the elected representatives from each class meet consistently once a month to plan and discuss on issues regarding students’ welfare and quality enhancement of the institution. This is an important body as it plans future activities, redresses grievances and enhances the quality parameters of the college. The proactive involvement of the students in effective governance also nurtures their leadership skills.


Workshops / Seminars are conducted for enhancing conceptual learning and practical application. Student involvement in these programmes is ensured to draw out their innate entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills.

Inter-Collegiate Meets/Events

Students are also encouraged to organize and participate in Inter-collegiate meets/events and contribute by way of oral and written presentations to improve their presentation and communication skills.

Rewards Achievers

Students are recognized and awarded with cash incentives of Rs.1000/- for obtaining centum in subjects and who scores 85 % above in optional.
An incentive of Rs.500/- who have 100% attendance
Course Toppers are also recognized and awarded with cash prize of Rs.1000/-.

Extra Curricular Activities

Facilities are provided to encourage students to take part in various literary and cultural activities apart from sports, so that the students can explore their talents and skills. The college encourages the students to excel in these areas and bring laurels for themselves and to the college by participating and winning in various competitions.