Counseling Cell

Counseling Cell


The Department of Counseling works with a vision to provide students with holistic knowledge on Values, Self-care, Interpersonal skills and nurture Self-efficacy. The genial environment created at the counseling cell, enables students to freely express and resolve their problems.


To Assist and Develop BASICS (BEHAVIOUR, ATTITUDE, SKILLS, INTEGRITY, COMPETENCIES AND SERVICE) Vital for a Successful Career and Home.


  • To provide holistic services and support to the students.
  • To help the students to become self- reliant and self- confident.
  • To build life skills through value-based education and service-oriented programs.


Target Group: Students and Parents irrespective of age and gender, any person who is interested.

Objectives of the program:
  • To create awareness among students and parents and other people about the importance of suicide prevention.
  • To address the common issues in relation to love an d life (love failures, caste, premarital and extramarital affairs, safety, etc.)
  • To bring in an awareness about the signs and symptoms of depression and the warning signs.
  • To address about defense mechanism and counseling to equip them with the skills to help themselves out of their problems.
Resource Person:
Dr. M. Suman Roy, Assistant professor, Dept. of Psychology.Counseling cell – Convener

The program was conducted successfully on 10.sep.2016 at 10.40am at Joseph’s hall, St.Joseph’s Degree and PG college, Hyderabad. There were many students participated in the program from various colleges like St.Mary’s College, Himayathnagar, Reddy college, Homescience college, Arora college, Urudu University, Kasthurba college, St.Joseph’s college, Villamarie college etc. Many students and parents also participated the program. 150 people were present in the program. The program got over at 1pm. The feedback given by the participants was quite appreciating and many of them have stated that the program was quite informative and beneficial helping them in their lives.

International Yoga Day 21st June 2016

The international yoga day was celebrated on the 21st of june 2016 at St. joseph’s college. The department of psychology organized the event and all the students and the teachers were invited to attend the program

The program was started by reciting a beautiful prayer in Sanskrit. Mrs. Aparnasathe spoke about the importance of yoga.The resource person Mr. Anuj and MrsPadmini Naidu from Isha foundation were introduced to the audience by reading out their profile. The program included screening of a 90 minute video which covered the concept of yoga and how it effects the well being and the overall development of an individual.

The video also included a few asanas and the audience were made to practice them under the guidance of the resource person. The hall was spacious enough to provide room for all the participants to practice the asanas.

It was a self-enriching experience for all the participants and they felt at peace after the program. The Resource Persons were awarded with the trophy by Dr. Suman Roy and a formal vote of thanks was proceeded.

Monthly Report of Departmental & Cell Activities August 2015

Activity - 1

Name of the Activity : Awareness program on GOOD FRIENDSHIP
Nature of the Activity : Student Centric+ YOUTH centric
Incharge/Coordinator : Dr.M.SumanRoy
Date : 01.08.2015
Venue : Joseph’s Hall, St. Joseph’s college
Target Group : Youth of Hyderabad and Secunderabad
No. of Participants : 60
Objective :
  1. To create awareness about the serenity and sanctity of good friendship.
  2. To address the issues that can arise among students in the name of friendship.

Activity - 2

Name of the Activity : Awareness program on SAFETY IN OUR HANDS
Nature of the Activity : Student Centric + PUBLIC Centric
Incharge/Coordinator : Dr.M.SumanRoy
Date : 27.09.2015
Venue : Seminar Hall, St.Joseph’s college
No. of Participants : 20
Objective :
  1. To create awareness among girls and boys , men and women about the burning issues they encounter in their lives like social issues, Ragging, molestation, sexual abuse, physical abuse & Psychological abuse, love failures, depression, rapes, etc., .
  2. To address about defense mechanism and counseling to equip them with the skills to help themselves out of their problems.

Activity - 3

Nature of the Activity : Student Centric+ YOUTH centric
Incharge/Coordinator : Dr.M.SumanRoy
Date : 27.09.2015
Venue : Seminar Hall, St.Joseph’s college
Target Group : Mass com + commerce students
No. of Participants : 200
Objective :
  1. To create an awareness among the students to avoid landing up in depression.
  2. To eradicate and minimize suicide incidences among youth.

Activity - 4

Nature of the Activity : Individual Centric
Incharge/Coordinator : Dr.M.SumanRoy
Date : Till Date 10 Cases
Venue : Joseph’s counseling centre, St. Joseph’s college
Target Group : Public (students, parents, couples, children, teachers)
Objective : To help individuals to identify their problems and make them capable to solve their problems.


In the year 2010 Department of Commerce initiated ETIC- Economic times in campus in collaboration with Bennett Coleman Co. Limited. The Times group has taken initiative to introducing ETIC exclusively for students.


In the academic year 2010-2011 (August - December) some of the major topics covered were: Life skills, Communication Skills, Goal Setting, Mental Hygiene, Anger Management and Suicide Prevention Training.

The suicide prevention training was conducted in all the classes and saw a great response from the students, as they came forward to help their friends who showed signs of depression or had serious life issues. Students encouraged their friends to seek counseling and even accompanied them.


The Department of Counseling in collaboration with the Department of Commerce organized a day’s seminar for all the girl students of the college (B.Sc & B.Com)- Journey through Adolescence. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Diana Monteiro and her team. The topics covered in the seminar were: Being Yourself, Healthy Relationships, Dressing with elegance.