Management Club

Student Activities ~ Management Club

Management club is a student driven initiative that collaborates with both the corporate and academia for both the UG and PG Students. The office bearers will be elected for organizing the several events and the students will be divided into the groups each consisting of 10-11 members.

The basic objectives of conducting the Management club activities are:

  1. To impart skills for development and enhancement of personality of students.
  2. To improve communication skills and decision making power.
  3. To enhance spirit of competition among the students.
  4. To increase awareness regarding the business world.
  5. To enhance the participation level among the students.

Events And Activities Undertaken

The faculty Co-ordinators Dr.Vandana Samb,Mr.Ganesh Anand , Ms .Swapna and Ms Harriet , took the initiative in dividing the groups.

Group Names Group Leaders
 EX- Caliber  Ms. Afifa
Magnificent Curators Mr. G. Manish Reddy
The Vibrants Ms.Neha
The Board  Mr.Jaywanth
The Invisibles Mr.Victor
Innovative Geeks Ms.Sravya Gona
Kaizen Crew Ms.Mahrinunnissa
Children of Henry Fayol Ms Shruthi
The Wizards Mr.Midhun
The Spark Plugs Ms. Leema Rose
Dates Group Names Activities
5-10-2017 Ex-calibur Business news
Warm up session
Kahoot formal activity
Truth and Lie informal activity
12-10-2017 Magnificent curators Business News
Fun Activity
17-10-2017 The Vibrants Business News
Auction IPL
Word Build
26-10-2017 The Board Business News
Mock Interview
Fun Activity