Labs & Studio

Labs & Studios

Computer Lab

The College has 4 full- fledged Computer Labs with the latest state-of-the-art Hardware and Software to facilitate the students in learning the nuances of Operating Systems, Programming, Networking, Web-Enabled Operations and Multimedia. Computer Lab Regulations are displayed outside the respective labs.


Physics Lab

Physics Lab with attached Dark room is provided with most modern equipment needed for conducting practicals. The objective of Physics Laboratory is to demonstrate the principles of experimental practice in Physics & Engineering Physics; to show how measurement, experiment design & modern instrumentation can be used most effectively and to encourage the creative exploration of experimental & theoretical aspects.

Electronics Lab

Electronics Lab is fully equipped with Digital Electronics & Analog Electronics Circuit, Electronic Circuit Simulation and Microprocessor and Micro controller.



The College has well established SPSS lab with 20 systems. Statistical Package for Social Sciences is a comprehensive statistical and data management package.

Mathematics Lab

The Mathematics Lab aims to provide students with improved methods of conceptualization. Various teaching modules and simulations are set up in the lab to make the learning of mathematics effective and joyful.


Language Cell

A Department of English Initiative, offers free resume consultancy and personal counseling on interview techniques, common errors in English, communication skills, soft skills etc. to students on 2nd & 4th Friday of every month from 2:00 – 3:00 pm. The cell also is a book lovers hub which offers a modest collection of books, ranging from fiction to non-fiction.

Mass Com Lab and Studio

An Audio – Video Production Studio equipped with modern digital technologies provides the students knowledge on modern media production techniques. The audio recording studio consists of non-linear recording facility with Pro Tools 9Le.The computer lab consists of iMac5 Computers.


Psychology Lab

Well equipped with the various psychological lab experiments, inventories consisting of scales and questionnaires. This facilitates the students to achieve a better understanding of the theoretical concepts in psychology like perception, emotion, memory, motivation, etc., in a practical set up administering the experiments. The Lab is equipped with the various standardized inventories like 16 personality factors, Raven’s Progressive Matrices, Bhattia’s Battery of Intelligence and many more.