Women Empowerment Cell

Women Empowerment Cell


Even while our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ,to the who’s who among our politicians and social activists are storming forth fiery speeches on women’s issues, the girl students of Women Empowerment Cell , St.Joseph’s Degree and PG College, struck a whole new path breaking note , when they entreated the boy students, male staff …….and why, the Principal himself, to be sworn in to a never- before taken Pledge which goes thus:

“I take this pledge in the name of my mother
I will always treat all women with dignity and respect
I will never physically or mentally abuse any women
I will remain committed to the elimination of violence against women”

The formal women empowerment session that followed had in attendance Ms.Christine Lazarus, Ex. M.L.A and Ms Pushpa Leela, Ex. Minister for social welfare, who spelt out the true essence of women owerment and the way forward to realize it in real terms. The PG & UG girl students of the college who were overwhelming in attendance, cheered the lofty statement made by the Principal Rev.Fr.Vincent Arokiadas, when he said,” The girls of this college may be minority in total strength of the college , but they are the strength of the college as they excel in every field”.

The girls too had their Pledge time which goes thus…

“I will always consciously value and protect my dignity and self respect
I will not tolerate any physical or mental abuse
I will remain committed to the elimination of violence against women”

18 August 2012

Women’s Empowerment cell had organized a Health Awareness Programme for all girl students on 18 August 2012. Dr.Balamma, Gynaecologist, member of Prajvala gave detailed information regarding general hygiene, Health care, common gynae problems, food & nutrition among adolescent girls. There was an open forum where she answered the queries of the students.

3 August 2012

Women's Empowerment cell organised an awareness programme on the "Challenges Of Growing Up" on 13 August 2012 for all first year girl students. Dr. Vasundara, Retd.Principal Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Mahavidyalaya, underscored the ways to overcome the challenges witnessed by the young women in the Modern era.

10th Jan 2012

Women Empowerment Cell, St. Joseph's College, in conjunction with the Gynecological and Obstetric Society of Hyderabad conducted a medical camp UG and PG girl students on 10th Jan, 2012. Dr. Jayanthi Reddy was the resource person. The highlight of the programme was the 'Ask the Doctor' session wherein the doctor personally addressed individual queries from the students and staff.

8th Dec 2010

Selected students accompanied by faculty participated in a Seminar on Women and Functional Literacy held as part of U.N. White Ribbon Campaign against Violence on Women at RBVRR College on 8 December, 2010. Christine Lazarus, MLA the chief coordinator of the programme urged the vibrant Josephites to be the agents of change and carry the message/ pledge to their peers. The Josephites interacted with their peers on issues ranging from ‘challenges faced by today’s women’ to ‘the role of family in a woman’s life’.