ED Cell Activities

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Economic development of a country is supported by entrepreneurship in several ways. It is a key contributor to innovativeness and product improvement and a pivotal ingredient to employment creation. Another important aspect to be considered is that in the context of the Indian market, entrepreneurship led economic growth is more inclusive and hence Governments, both at Centre and State level, have been taking initiatives to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem as they realise the benefits entrepreneurship brings to the economic growth of the country.

The College has established a full fledged Entrepreneurship Development Cell which addresses all the needs of students to become dynamic entrepreneurs. The College is a member of the prestigious international organization National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). It has an online portal nenonline.com which has all the support material, angel investors, guidance, counseling facilities etc. NEN has trained faculty to become entrepreneurship mentors and coordinators.

The ED Cell of the College conducts various awareness programmes such as Seminars, Workshops, Industrial Visits, Food Fest and Interaction with young Entrepreneurs etc. These programmes are aimed at making the student community more enthusiastic towards entrepreneurial activity. The Advisory board for the ED cell comprises of members from industry, financial institutions, Research and Development, Government institutions etc. The board will guide and advise the cell in organizing various activities.


To produce successful entrepreneurs imbibed with innovative skills and ethical business practices contributing to the development of the society and growth of the nation.



To promote the culture and spirit of entrepreneurship among students and motivate them to become entrepreneurs.


  • To create awareness on Entrepreneurship among the students through training programmes and camps.
  • To enhance industry institute interaction through guest lectures and industrial visits.
  • To help students acquire necessary managerial skills to run an enterprise effectively.
  • To generate entrepreneurship skills among the students to cope up with the current trends in the market.
  • To help students channelize their goals to become a versatile entrepreneur.