Faculty Endeavors

Department of Mass Communication ~ Faculty Endeavors

Articles/Paper Presentation/Book Publications in Journals

S.No Name of the Faculty Title Name of the Journal/Issue no/Vol No./Page No ISSN/ISBN No Date of Publication
1 Shiva Thrishul Understanding display boards: a semiotic analysis of caste signs in Hyderabad Amity Journal Media and Communication studies ISSN – 2231-1033 volume 6, Number 1, July 2016
Interpreting the representational meanings of a movie from a subaltern perspective: a case study of kabali Amity Journal Media and Communication studies ISSN – 2231-1033 volume 6, Number2, July 2016
2 Fr. Kingston A semiotic diffusion model for management of technology and innovation St. Joseph’s journal of Business and Management November 2016
3 Dr. Payal Das Social background, mass media exposure and awareness of gender issues Lambert academic publishing company ISBN 978-3-659- 89689- 7 2016
Media and Women: Emerging perspectives Sunrise publications ISBN 978-93- 80966 2014
Press in North-East Communication Today ISSN 0975-217X 2014


S.No Name Name of the Programmme / Conference / Seminars Title of the Programme Venue & date
1 Fr. Kingston, Goutam, Aparna Sathe, Shiva Ganesh, Sai Krishna, Shiva Thrishul FDP Case study analysis and Writing 2nd  July 2016
2 Fr. Kingston, Goutam, Aparna Sathe FDP Train the Trainer” in collaboration with ISDC 13th June 2016
3 Fr. Kingston, Goutam, Aparna Sathe FDP Soft skills workshop for teachers 14th June 2016
4 Fr. Kingston, Goutam, Aparna Sathe FDP ICT in Teaching and Learning 10th June 2016
5 Fr. Kingston, Goutam, Aparna Sathe FDP Becoming a Better Teacher 7th June 2016

Faculty Awards/ Rewards/Certifications/Rankings/Special Accolades

S.No Name of the Faculty Date of the Programme Awards/Rewards/Certificates/Rankings/Special Accolades details (Purpose of the Award) Awarded Organization Name & Place
1 Aparna Rastogi 2011 Young Achievers award “Bhau Raw Devras Sewa Nyaas
2012 CET – 2012 RML Avadhh University
2014 Women empowerment award Parashoot and kings paradise
2011-13 Assistant station manager All India Radio, Gyan Vani FM
2014 Drama Director Anhita, Uttar Pradesh govt.
2013-17 Radio Jockey FM Rainbow 100.7
News Anchor Doordarshn (DD UP)
2 Shiva Thrishul 2017 Certificate of participation Granted by Election Commission
2015 NET UGC
3 Keshav Vivek 2016 NET UGC